Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sponsored kit is Awesome!

Been a while since the last update... Jeff and I have been spending what little free time we have available training hard, on our local waters, so will get this up to date!

The Mighty 'Triton' left Sea Kayaking UK in North Wales two weeks ago, (i couldn't face a colour photo of it this early, so will have one uploaded nearer the time...) Jeff will tell more.

The delightful package arrived from Lendal. A set of composite Kinetic Wings, (as seen) and a set of Kinetic Touring as a spare set, likely to be used if my shoulders complain too much when using using the powerful 'grip' the wings provide, in all conditions.

Just to finish this clearly luxurious arrangement, my Expedition Drysuit arrived from Kokatat! So I put them to the test!
Drysuit very comfortable, (not like previous neck and wrist seals I remembered, fitted perfectly and totally dry! Paddles gave plenty of power and enough support when needed. And the kayak, awesome, i'd expect nothing less.

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