Friday, March 23, 2012

news from Alaska

Just got this email from Kodiak Island today;

..."We here in Kodiak and mostly the rest of Alaska has had a winter from hell, ( guy who invented the terminology Global warming ) should be shot.  I am looking out my window now at a solid 4ft of snow and it is still quite cold , this morning it is minus 15 centigrade. This snow it going to take a long time to go, we have broken all records...
...A lot of the Bering Sea froze over this winter and it took an ice breaker and a tanker a lot of time to get fuel to Nome.   This is still very much winter here at the moment, no sign of a thaw as yet..." 

Better get another thermal packed! : )

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Project Sea Otter

Frances just rang from the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage to update our tasks for

Project Sea Otter

Northern Sea Otters are listed as threatened in the Aleutians arc, suspected leading cause of decline is now predation by Killer Whales.  We will be assisting the US Fish and Wildlife Service, recording presence or absence of Sea Otters in bays, and noting Killer Whales position and taking photo’s for identification, for marine biologists live projects.

This will be a very rewarding and exciting project as we journey along the Aleutian volcanic 'Ring of Fire'
More details on the main website pages.

Sponsored kit starts arriving in Alaska

Tom Pogson emailed to say he's taken delivery of a package from Jetboil, a crate from Mountain House foods, and our 'SKUK Explorer' sea kayaks have shipped via Seattle, and will be in Alaska on Friday...

We are getting very excited!!