Saturday, April 14, 2012

Two weeks to go...

With just two weeks before Keirron and George leave the Isle of Man on their adventure, training has reached its peak, and adjustments and fine details are being applied to the logistical web.

George Shaw broke the 'Round the Isle of Man Record' in a standard sea kayak, completing the 115km (70.3 Nautical Miles) in 13 hours 34 mins! A major goal on his personal training program, George was delighted with the result.

Tom Pogson sent a brief glimpse of George's kayak, arrived and safely stowed at Alaska Kayak School
Mine will be there now as well, so the main ingredients are coming together nicely, we're expecting to confirm the final pieces of sponsored kit in the next few days. 

Having researched in depth, I have managed to touch bases with members of each of the Early Bering Sea Expeditions, and got a host of advice and inspiration from them. I'm very grateful for your time, Derek, Jon and Rob and we'll certainly take your good wishes with us. Amazing explorations which took place prior to our modern specialised kit... "Woolie jumpers and welly boots, made their own neoprene cuffs for their jackets... had hurricane force winds..." Derek Hutchinson. He admired "..the native Aleut's, the best kayaker's in the world, who would paddle 1000's miles without getting out of their kayaks."
"Life expectancy of 10 - 15 mins in the water, local fisherman call it 'liquid ice'..."

I've also been in touch with Justine Curgenven, getting ideas and info from her expedition along the Kamchatka Peninsula, in 2003. 

As the busier season is under way here on the Isle of Man, wildlife is flourishing, and our students are reaching their progressive goals and preparing for their own expeditions, its an exciting place to be!

Keep in touch : )

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