Sunday, April 29, 2012

In The Air

Technically I think our boys are in a layover at the moment rather than in flight -- but they are between Heathrow and Anchorage.

Keirron asked me (Jeff) to make entries during the exped when they have a chance to SMS or call in news. The proper work will begin later this week, but I know how pre-trip logistics go (we paddled together a few years ago) - so thought I would add a short post with some facts and links.

Anchorage, AK is an hour ahead of Seattle (GMT-9); I update this from Stockholm (GMT+1), so delays are my fault. Weather is decent today in the region; some light snow and moderate breeze. Here's a weather site I find useful:

We may talk about wind from time to time; nautical measure (the knot) is a bit more than a mile per hour, or just under 0,3 meters per second to a European. For a helpful (Beaufort) scale for comparisons check wikipedia:

I'm a geologist, so I can't help pointing out this area's uniqueness. Many people know about the San Andreas fault, which is where the bad earthquake movies in Hollywood come from; this strike-slip fault separates the Pacific oceanic plate from the North American continental plate, which slide along on another from LA through California's bay area.

This boundary changes character up north to create the Aleutian islands. Alaska is part of the continental North American plate; the Pacific plate plunges beneath this, melting deep under the plates and generating a heated arc of molten rock: the resulting volcanoes form the very active Aleutian Island chain, which is over 2500 km (1350 NM) long.

We all look forward to some images once they have boots on the ground, but I've no doubt there will be plenty of displays of the region's wild and raw character over the coming weeks. 

All the best lads.


Commoner said...

I sat by the kayak adventurers on their flight into Anchorage. Their extremely ambitious expedition sounds amazing. It's a good thing they are prepared because it will be a challenging. Good luck guys it was fun to hear about your plans!

Unknown said...

Hi Jeff,
I stumbled upon the blog while scanning the Unalaska newspaper. This trip sounds epic. I have been fortunate enough to have spent the past few summers on various volcanoes along the chain for fieldwork and am headed out to Adak in a few weeks. It is great seeing the pictures and hearing the stories regarding their progress. I'll be rooting for them and who knows maybe I will see them in Adak!
Happy Paddling!