Wednesday, May 02, 2012

on the road with Tom

After the serene setting of the Isle of Man Friday, the multi-facet journey to Anchorage was an amazing experience...

...flying from the Island with my brother's Kelvin & Kim, a brief appearance at my future Brother in law Steve's Stag Party, in Liverpool (half an hour), a train to London, via Northampton. As promised, a quick hi to the three Evetonians.

London Euston by next morning, met up with George at Heathrow at 9:30am, exactly as planned, unbelievable!
And it smoothly continued, with a small delay at Border control in Minneapolis whilst the armed officer asked a few extra questions, then right through to the Microtel at Anchorage.
 Next day was a visit to the local supermarket for provisions, and a few other items we needed in Anchorage... then to Stewarts Photo Shop for a lens and a few bits.
Met a few characters at downtown bus station too : )
 Tom Pogson from Alaska Kayak School met us at the hotel, packed our heap of boxes and bags into his truck, and we headed for Homer.
 Tom filled us in on the area, taking in a few scenic stops along the way.
 We were both enthralled with his knowledge and blown away by the spectacular views.
 Looking down at Homer, and the 5 mile spit which defines and protects the marina and community.
A sneaky preview at Billy Choate's boat, the PUK UK. moored in the marina.
Weather is absolutely stunning here!

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