Tuesday, May 08, 2012

a message from Unalaska

 Leaving the Moose behind in Homer (it had taken a liking to George)
 and a farewell to Tom Pogson who has bent over backwards to assist us in every way
 we took the kayaks on-board Puk uk and headed off in the afternoon
 amongst a pod of Orcas soon on in the voyage
 Jake's onboard to capture the adventures of Billy, Colette and the birdies who will come on at Adak.
Stella Sea Lion haul out en-route
plenty of reflection time as we close on the Aleutians
 past Cod fishermen in totally calm conditions
 we a mixture of 'everything' weather and sea state wise, some bits were a little lumpy and chilly
 every pass, every island or peninsula has its own weather system, wind direction and strength
 things change fast, and often unpredictable out here it seems : )
 passing Bird Island early morning, the bay was literally heaving with Humpback Whales.
 we passed two charter boats searching for Grey Whales, and then waiting for Orcas to arrive and hunt them, a japanese film crew and a National Geographic crew.
 having already seen a pod of Orcas, we can guess what's coming.
 they can identify individual whales from their 'flukes' - like a fingerprint
 Birdlife is also increasing, with the amount of marine life, and changes in the sea conditions
 black sand beaches of Unimak Island, with its large population of Brown Bears, and stunning features.
 Finally getting into Dutch Harbour very early this morning, mind blowing.
The crab fishing fleet is in dock, George has been chatting to the crew docked astern of us, their ship Seabrooke is one of the stars of Deadliest Catch...
Billy Choate, super happy as always, an absolute legend!

Keirron & George

ps. getting messages through on the Sat phone now, thanks Jeff and Karel, keep them coming.

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