Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friday night update

Keirron and George got in another 32 miles today after 28 yesterday (and they both appreciate a little break from the relentless 20 knot headwind). This puts them just 12 miles out from Nikolski.

As part of their engagement with local sea otter research, Keirron reported three "dancing" otter photographed today. Kayaks have a long and complicated relationship with the northern sea otter; a paddler's stealthy vessel allows us to approach these mammals more closely than a motorised research vessel could do. Keirron and George are well-equipped to photograph rafts of otter, or individuals, in enough detail for the professionals to identify individuals later.

Here's an updated chart with the team's progress:

... and I will try to stick to this Google Earth 'pin' convention:
white pins are guess-timated locations
green pins are based on measurements I have received
yellow pins are original stage or reference markers.

Strong work guys!


Jeff said...

P.S. Forgot to add - Keirron says hi to all Adventure Club folk paddling tomorrow. I assume you know who you are!

Rachel Smith said...

Please pass on a big hello to K and G we are all following their progress in the frozen north from the Sunday Adventure Clubbers x

Steve Parry said...

Hey Keir and George,weve been following you on the blog,a big thank you to Jeff,for keeping us updated. The pictures are great, the surrounding look stunning but harsh. You should have took crampons and axes:)it looks like the paddlings going well, fingers crossed that the wind calms down and goes behind you. Looking forward to the next photos. Keri + Steve

DS said...

Incredible photos and work gentleman. Here's best wishes to you. Be safe and enjoy, sounds like you two support each other very well. Keep it up!