Thursday, May 31, 2012

Islands of the Four Mountains

Sea Kayaking to, between and around the Islands of the Four Mountains was the most breathtaking, stage of the journey so far.
The Aleutian Islands opened the gates for us and allowed us to pass into what has to be one of the most exposed, daunting, spiritual and beautiful places in the world.
As a paddler, this is the pinnacle and our window of opportunity allowed us to view the raw nature in this extreme environment, in tranquil calm, for at least an hour and half!
A quick break off the water as we watched the whole sky clear, with vivid blue encompassing everywhere...
Those photo's (and our other best shots and and footage) are being saved for the presentation and publications

We just could not believe our luck!  
52 nautical miles one day, and some excessive currents (rarely in our favour), pushing ourselves to the absolute limit, Nikolski to Adugak Island, spot some puffins eat a meal then over to Kagamil Island, round to the Steam Jets and caves... across over to Chuginadak Island by 10pm, up the coast to camp for darkness at 11pm.

A more regular distance the following day spending plenty of time exploring, taking pictures, and just bathing in the sunlight...
Our second sunset of the expedition took place as we ate our Mountain House freeze dried meals, on Herbert Island, Wednesday 23rd May..
Wondering how long our luck would last, we made plans for another pushing day on the Thursday, the forecast through from Karel Vissel sounded a little challenging, but we'd see in the morning.

Keirron & George

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