Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sat phone updates

Keirron called tonight, 19:20 CEST, 10 hours ahead is 9 am Anchorage time. In the background I could hear - yes, you guessed it - wind.

In the last few days' paddling they have had 35 knot (18 m/s) headwinds to add to the horrendousness, have dug boats out from a foot of overnight snow accumulation, and a couple days decided not to leave the shore at all. But sometimes Alaska is like that. Two days were also beautiful, and account for most of their progress.

They are on Umnak Island. I don't know exactly where they are but will guess anyway, based on time elapsed and ETA to Nikolski.

Stumbled onto these beautiful photographs of Umnak Island (southern half mostly):

Taking advantage of the upside of bad weather, Keirron and George have had a bit of time to poke around; I've been doing some myself on Google Earth, comfortably from the kitchen. Fascinating area, lot of military and possibly mining activities on these volcanoes. 

For example ... military? Alien?

And lest we forget these are active volcanoes ... here's the Okmok Caldera, which formed the part of the island they are currently camped on; it last erupted July 2008.

More about their current host:

And not surprisingly every one of the ocean aerials without cloud cover seems to have whitecaps (aka white horses). Hm.

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James said...

Thanks for the update, I was wondering how things were going.