Saturday, May 26, 2012

Horrendous horizons revisited

About an hour and a half after my last post Keirron SMSd that they are, in fact, pinned on Herbert Island at the same scenic campsite they found back on the 23rd. So, optimism corrected, here is a picture of their likely hang-out for the next few days.

The winds, true to form and namesake, are pretty stout and forecast to last another five days (after which time the sea state will still be huge). This low pressure system might peak late this weekend; here is Karel's forecast Sunday:

sun mrng noon sse to se 30 to 45 knts aft se 30 to 45 knts gusts 45 to 50 knts seas 3 to 4.50 mtr frm sw

These forecasts are usually for open ocean; locally on the islands these winds can accelerate, or, with large enough temperature gradient, become the katabatic winds (as George calls them "special winds") they encountered the first day out from Dutch Harbor.

We'll keep the updates coming as we get them, but look for this green pin not to move for a bit.

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