Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carpe Solis

It's currently about half way through Keirron and George's first full day of paddling. Word yesterday was that they'd paddle while the weather looks good. I imagine they'll squeeze the last bits of light out of the day, find a sheltered spot, and I'll have an updated location to share while they're brewing up the evening tea.

Here's more on where they've been enjoying themselves, Dutch Harbor on Unalaska.

The name Unalaska originated with the Aleut inhabitants of the island, as documented by Russian fur traders hunting along the west coast of in the 18th century. They described the island "Ounalashka", literally "Near The Peninsula".

Today the region may be most famous for Deadliest Catch. (Well, now the Keirron and George have left, of course.)

More history:,_Alaska


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