Friday, May 25, 2012

Horrendous horizons

No word yet from Yunaska Island where G&K were targeting to spend last night, but it's normal not to get a daily update. They were camped on the very tip of Herbert Island, collecting more amazing photos, hoping for a couple more crossings before the weather turns. Here comes today's guess - possibly optimistic - at progress:

The nearby research ship M/V Tiglax (TEKH-lah - Aleut for eagle), on hearing Keirron and George were westbound from Herbert, had this reply (in economical-but-hard-to-read CamelCase SMS code):

They have most excellent connections! And that "SE30" the message mentions at the end? Here comes a stout low pressure system (as Karel has been forecasting):

Yesterday the wind began swinging counter-clockwise around the dial from the east and northeasterlies, then blowing from the NNE, and today they have come up gusting to 25 knots from the northwest. The swell is 1 to 2 meters from the northeast still, but that will follow wind direction soon.

Birthplace Of The Winds, indeed.

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