Thursday, May 31, 2012


Kitted out in our Kokatat Expedition drysuits, with Ronin Pro PFD's we had the best possible protection from the Bering Sea, as always an absolute pleasure to wear. Practically and psychologically, a massive part of the expedition, absolutely watertight. I've been paddling Kokatat for over 12 years now, and i'm continuously impressed with the cut and performance.
The modern hood and baffle system on the expedition suits were perfect. Allowing a large range of vision with warmth and complete protection, we're extremely impressed (and thankful)!

We also used the Kokatat Storm Cag daily at breaks, and initially on the water too when conditions were particularly adverse. Immediate warmth. The paddling jackets were a great asset on land, and so light to wear.  Without a doubt a drysuit is one of the most essential pieces of kit for training and journeying in intermediate and advanced sea conditions, for both safety and comfort.


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