Friday, May 04, 2012

staying at Billy's

 Sunrise this morning at the float plane lake, pretty early.
 We been staying as guests at Billy's house, and the moose family can be spied in the local copse, or sometimes trotting about in his garden!
 Tom had a black bear on his porch yesterday... had to chase it off!
 Homer Spit is an amazing place to gaze at the distant mountain ranges and snow capped volcanoes...
rumour has it, there's a delightful restaurant serving local fresh fish meals there too.
 Bald Eagles can be seen frequently, this one was pretty close : )
 We got most of the stickers on the kayaks, and packed our kit, heading off on the PUK UK tomorrow around midday local time, for Unalaska.
 We hitched back to town from the end of the spit (about 5 miles) meeting another terrific character, and over two decades of experience working out of Dutch Harbor.
Its easy to see why folk live here
K & G

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