Thursday, May 31, 2012


We been using Suunto deck compass since Vancouver Island 2007 Expedition, where Leon Somme also fitted a red LED for us, well used during that record circumnavigation. The deck compass was essential for the continuous crossings and varying visibility during this Aleutians 2012 Expedition, and the stunning Suunto Core watches with Barometer, thermometer, compass... invaluable in monitoring the pressure systems and giving early warning of incoming storms.
Paddling comfortably (perhaps swiftly would be a more accurate term) from Nikolski with a high pressure of 1028 for a period, we knew that we needed to make absolute use of this 'unheard-of' window in the rapidly changing patterns we had experienced.

Camped on Herbert Island, the storm warning went off frequently through what seemed another potential crossing day... Our Suunto Core watches allowed us to balance up what conditions were forecast, what we could see, and what we could expect...
The pressure kept dropping rapidly, eventually levelling at 972, it also gave us something to focus on, apart from huddling in the tent, as the wind and lashing rain did its best to rip us from our hide!

One of the main pieces of advice given to us both by Nigel Dennis, get a barometer and start using it. I'm very happy to share that piece of knowledge with everyone who has not made this discovery.


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