Saturday, May 19, 2012

Umnak Island

Keirron checked in yesterday saying they'd paddled 20 NM since landing on Umnak, and planned on another 28 miles today. If this plan worked out and the winds allow they may be roughly where I am guessing on the map below.

The weather is still living up to its reputation, blowing 20 knots in their faces and raining sheets yesterday. Today was expected to blow a bit less, but the gear will stay wet - over half a centimetre if rain is in the forecast.

Sunday looks like another windy one. Weather direction has shifted around from SE winds to NE - NNE. There's no more snow in the immediate forecast.

The remaining inhabitated village on Umnak (population 18, 2010 census) is Nikolski, still nearly 40 NM distant.

Below are photos of  Mount Recheshnoi (left) and Mount Vsevidofe from Nikolski (right).

Safe travels!

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