Friday, June 08, 2012

Press Release

A unique, multi-faceted journey along the 'Ring of Fire', sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean swells and the unpredictable changeable and stormy Bering Sea. The un-supported duo set a new record in sea kayaking, completing the furthest paddle West from Dutch Harbor on Unalaska to Herbert Island – the last of the ‘Islands of the Four Mountains’. A highly technical challenging trip, involving real risk in a remote location, with maximum exposure to the elements.

ps. a few thoughts from Herbert Island

Continuing would be "just a step too far" for George Shaw. It would be "a big ask of anyone". Content with having journeyed in a variety of tidal waters along the Aleutian Islands, between Unalaska and Herbert Island (in the Islands of the Four Mountains), George is rightly proud of his achievement.

Expedition leader Keirron Tastagh said "the expedition has been very tough mentally and physically, and the decision to complete the paddling at Herbert Island and take the lift offered back to Dutch Harbor, ending the week long siege the kayakers had already endured was "the right one for the team".

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