Saturday, June 02, 2012

reflection what this next stage of the journey is about.

The physical element of our journey from Dutch Harbor, Unalaska to Herbert Island (the last of the Islands of the Four Mountains) was the primary focus of this Blog.
There is so much more to express.

The kindness of those we met, the support of our sponsors, our families and the positive feelings of everyone following the trip. The internal journey the team are still on...

We'd like to thank all those who touched us with their generosity, hospitality, sponsorship and support.

13 years ago, the seed was planted

Vancouver Island Record in 2007 focused the mind

266 nautical miles
5 weeks in Alaska, 2 weeks prep
12 paddling days, 1 day of rest,
7 days waiting
an immeasurable life experience
our most unforgettable adventure so far...

"the journey is straight, but the path is winding"

As Rob Egelstaff reminded in his farewell email to me just before we set off.

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