Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 6: Wicklow to Rosslare

Just off the phone to Keirron, both the guys seem on very good form, they have had a good day and covered a fair bit of distance with some enjoyable paddling, been a long one though and they were just looking for somewhere to camp just past Rosslare village before the harbour. 
A few people have been asking about their food and have they really taken everything with them for a month?? Well the answer is pretty much yes!
They have taken a less traditional but more intellectual approach to their nutrition (with the help of Sam Murphy - PB Sports Performance). Even when kayaking the strenuous mileage that Keirron & George are covering on a day to day basis their heart rate rarely goes high enough to cause a state that is highly dependant on carbohydrates. Predominantly their energy is coming from fat because of the relative low intensity work over a near continuous expedition pace. Thus it is important to have fat ingested throughout the day while they are paddling. Hence, nuts, cheese & meats take up the predominance of their daily food intake.They finish the day with a single large carbohydrate intake so that this is digested and transported to necessary muscles and organs by the time they wake. This energy system is then only utilised in situations where more effort is required, such as surf landings/ launches, tidal races or points of high wind. On days where they will be battling the wind and surf all day they will also be continually eating small quantities of carbohydrates to maintain their energy levels.

Just 2 examples of their "snack" diet for throughout the day;
They set off from the IOM with dry bags full off mini portions of Cathedral city cheese each for the expedition, they get through a few packs a day (they had 300 to start with).
Also plenty of Clif Bars to allow them to consume at least 3 each throughout the day thanks to some generous support from Bikestyle Isle of Man and not forgetting 2 boxes of flapjacks from Adventurous Experiences very own flapjack maker herself! By taking their own supplies it avoids spending time searching for shops etc...

Will write more on the other meals in a future post, which will occasionally deviate from the plan when they receive the occasional spot of great hospitality!!

Weather looks promising for the next few days

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