Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 8: Bastardstown to Dunmore East

What I really like about Ireland is the energy in the people we meet.

What we are enjoying about our journey is discovering the real Irish hospitality...
So many folk have shown such kindness, we are deeply moved.
George tucking into a piece of Katia's special flapjack.
sun setting as we pass colonies of seals on the sand bars
striking camp in the early morning sun 
we pass and chat to a few of the many people enjoying the coastline
George pulling his kayak up for a beach break
Keirron and George 
passing the lighthouse at Hook Point
Arriving at Dunmore East to be met by Ciaran from the RNLI
Why are doing it?
We were asked "is it for some kind of therapy you're doing it?"

Over the last couple of days we too have been asking ourselves the same question, it's been tough going! Staring at the next focal point move slowly closer, estimating time and distances, checking and re-checking maps, pushing wind and tide... Why do we do it?
Because it's there. Because we relish a challenge. Because we too need to move out of our comfort zone, need to take risk (try something which the end result is not certain). Having moved out of the real low point on this kayak trip, some reasoning...

We both have families at home on the Isle of Man, work commitments also... And sometimes it's taking up real challenges that allows us to see things more clearly, from a different perspective.
Journeying by kayak gives a unique perspective on life. Its real! Raw nature can be a relentless unforgiving educator....It makes the paddler feel alive. It makes you appreciate even more those things most dear to you....And occasionally nature gives you a glimpse, an unforgettable wildlife encounter, stunning scenery, memories, life changing moments. 
It really makes us appreciate the immense support we are receiving. Thank you : )
And another motivator, we're doing this in support of the RNLI:

Looking forward to wild coastline ahead.
Keirron and George

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