Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rounded The Cape

A quick call in by satellite phone this evening (5/18) at 10.30pm. They have reached and rounded Cape Scott. Despite arriving late, they decided to round the cape and make camp at the bay on the South East side. The winds started to build quickly near the end of their paddle today and they experienced some rough seas around the cape (surprise, surprise!). But at least they can rest better tonight knowing that they have passed one of the crux points of the trip before the bad weather hit.

The highlight of the day was sighting some black bears at close range. They spent a long time watching and photographing a large male bear chasing a female and cubs up a tree! They hope to have some good video footage of this.

They are safely in camp now watching the weather build. The forecast is for gale force SE winds tonight (35-45 knots) with seas building to 3-4 meters by tomorrow. Given that they are now on a south facing beach it may be difficult to get off in the morning! But given the forecast of strong SE and S winds tomorrow (to 35 knots) and a very long section of coast south east of them with no landing zones, hopefully they will take the opportunity to have a rest day and wait for better weather. If swells remain large even after the wind has dropped, they have the option of doing a 1/4 mile portage back across to the north facing beach to launch and round Cape Scott a second time! -- Jon


scottcole said...

Damn, that's a gnarly weather forecast for tmw. I reckon even a masochistic racer director would probably call this next stage off. Go get some rest ... or better yet, try a trail run to find some more bears (from a safe distance of course).

Excellent progress boys.

I hope that dude from Paddler magazine is going to make you guys into some cover boys next month :)


Daddo said...

Some dodgy surf landings and launches along the west coast; bit of a risk in a loaded double. Forecast isn't great for the next couple of days with strong headwinds and large to moderate swell. Might be wise to take it easy and enjoy the trip; there's always another time. Good luck, boys.

Toby said...

Awesome progress!!! Its all down hill from there. I hope the weather pounds hard so you take a break and have some calm around the Brooks.

Watch out for the cougar! No reported attacks this season so don't be the first. (Here kitty kitty!!)

Guinness is awaiting!!! I promise to leave some for you. Cheers!