Friday, May 25, 2007


Howdy from Tofino! Arrived late last night, finished two medium pizzas and crashed the cheapest B&B in town. Luxury.

Today's weather forecast is quite good, with a little less wind than yesterday so we're anxious to hit the water. We'll be offloading that green glass fishing float today too, which should ease the boat control challenges we encountered yesterday... Photo pending.

Here are a few other photos from the Port Hardy to Tofino stretch. This bear was hunting purple spiny urchins along the rocky shore; as we drifted by downwind we watched him peel a couple off rocks, then hunker down and chow through them like they were hunks of bread. Some claws.

Thanks to Jon for the blog support, sat phone and late nights - Jon's off for a few days of whitewater canoeing (with Kirti, Kim and Karl - many thanks to Karl for lending me some critical gear, hope you don't miss it too much) and our friend Dan will make the last few blog entries.

Time to find the laundromat, lose some salt, then hit the water! See you in Victoria in a few days, hopefully back on Orcas by Monday.



Toby said...

Hey guys! Let me know if you need Anything!!! I am on Orcas and will provide housing, transport, laundry (cause I can smell you from here), food and Beer! Let me know I am in the phone book. It will be great to see you.

Toby Brown

Joe O' said...

Hey Keirron and guys are doing great! You'll be around the Island in no time! Just think how good those beers will taste when it is over!
Watching your progress gets me pretty excited about my own trip around the Island next month for the solo mark. Keep up the good work guys.

Cheers...Joe 'Blenis