Sunday, May 20, 2007

No Call Tonight

No word from the boys today. Most likely this is because they are still in the same spot at Cape Scott. The forecast for today was ugly and it doesn't get much better tomorrow. Seas are 3-4 meters, with SE gales 35 knots, which is directly into the bay they are camped in and is a headwind for the next section of their journey. The forecast for tomorrow is SE gales easing then rising to NW gales 30-40 knots by tomorrow evening. If I were to hazard a guess I would say that they may get only a small window tomorrow where they can get on the water and maybe get down to Sea Otter Cove. Beyond that is a very long section of no landing zone (in a large swell), so it will be difficult for them to go far tomorrow. The outlook for the following days is strong to gale force northwesterlies, then another storm system coming in Wednesday. Welcome to the "wild" west coast! -- Jon

ps. Click on the following links for the current weather conditions and the long term pressure forecast.

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