Thursday, May 10, 2007

When does Pink become Purple?

Keirron Tastagh ( flew to Vancouver, BC, where he was met by Leon Somme (http://www.bodyboatblade).

The lads then proceeded to unwrap an unlikely package ... which turned out to be this pink SKUK Triton.

So ... is it pink or is it purple?

Keirron and Leon had some time to run down the charts:

And Keirron took the opportunity to check out some Specialized Expedition Kit - remember, don't try this at home...

In the middle of this, Jeff's ferry came in for their first inauspicious meeting. Here Keirron hooks Jeff up with some kit and a little of his enthusiasm...

Finally, we took the Triton out for a test drive:

We'll be updating this blog daily, though not all bivvies will be as wired as this one ... Check in, and feel free to post comments - we'll address them as we can. Cheers!

Jeff and Keirron


joe leach said...

Good job Jon or Jeff, whoever is keeping us in touch. Good luck guys.

Michael Butler said...

Not to sure on the colour (color??) could be pink or purple but it certainly is a horrendous shade! Gd luck with the trip bey!