Monday, May 21, 2007

Moving South

Got a call from Keirron and Jeff this evening. Yesterday they spent nearly all day in the tent due to the weather. Today they paddled though. They are now at the mouth of Quatsino Sound. They managed to paddle down from Cape Scott today after the SE gales died out and before the NW gales built up. Looking at the lighthouse weather reports its already blowing NW 34 knots, so I think they got their miles in just in time. They said conditions were quite mellow when they were on the water.

If the winds die down by tomorrow morning they are going to push further south towards the Brooks Peninsula. They aim to camp on the north side ready for rounding it on Tuesday. However, the forecast is for winds northwest 30 to gales 40 knots easing to 20 to 30 Monday evening, so they may not get far. The Brooks Peninsula is the most challenging section of the entire trip. In fact it is widely regarded as one of the most severe spots for weather, sea state and extreme remoteness on the west coast of Canada. Luckily, the weather forecast on Tuesday looks better. They are in good spirits and are feeling well rested after the enforced layover day. -- Jon

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Unknown said...

Hello! I was hiking to the Cape Scott lighthouse on Saturday, and I saw the pink Kayak! Believe me, it sure was stormy! . . I wanted to talk to the guys, but they appeared to be huddled in the tent. I have a picture of the kayak and their tent site, would you like me to email it to you?