Tuesday, May 01, 2007

T-Minus 9 Days...

But who's counting?

Ordered food today (thanks Mountain House); trimmed gaskets on the drysuit (kudos Kokatat); Keirron emailed his air itinerary; I'm contemplating a smaller, lighter tent; and shopping for potential replacement for the decade-old GPS I finally killed a couple weeks back (yes, for backup only - though as a cyclist I find staring at speed-made-good fascinating). Amazing how much wear and tear happens to gear BEFORE the expedition!

Tonight - I will finally finish loading the detailed waypoint list (significantly influenced by Roy Massena's excellent list - thanks Roy!) into Google Earth. Might be of interest to individuals, and could help our "remote blogger" show where we are.

Jon Walpole will be acting as our home base and remote blogger via satellite phone. Jon will relay weather info/predictions to us while posting progress/trip reports here while we roll. Thanks in advance Jon - this is so cool. And it's good you're getting all that canoeing in now, we're going to have lots of questions about weather like this:
"Gale warning continued.
Winds southeast 25 to gales 35 knots with gales 45 near the Headlands this morning. Winds rising to southeast gales 35 to 45 This evening and easing to 25 to gales 35 Wednesday morning. Periods of rain. Seas 2 to 3 metres.
Outlook. Strong to gale force southeast easing to moderate to strong southerly."


Good times, good times.

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