Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nootka Island Already

Jeff and Keirron called in this evening at 10pm. They have had a couple of big days despite the SE winds today. Yesterday they rounded the Brooks Peninsula and even went out to Solander Island off the tip of the Peninsula to get some pictures. They reported that it was still pretty windy and rough even though the forecast was good. After a brief rest at the end of the Peninsula they pushed on to Kyuquot Sound where they camped for the night. Today they paddled south past Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Island. They are currently camping at the south end of Nootka Island. Tomorrow they will round Estevan Point, another crux point of the trip, and attempt to make it to Tofino by evening. They will be able to refuel in Tofino and perhaps even meet up with friends there. Their weather forecast for the next few days looks good - light winds, fog patches, seas around 1 meter - so hopefully they can cover some miles without too much resistance.

They have tasked me with trying to find out if a large green glass fishing float (basketball size) from Japan is valuable enough to warrant trying to get it back home. Does anyone out there know a rough value for something like this. As you can imagine, its a bit bulky and awkward to carry "on" a kayak. -- Jon


scottcole said...

First of all, excellent work boys ! I love the sighting and picture of the pink kayak - awesome. They probably Googled the "vancouver island record attempt" and found this page - gotta love it.

Speaking of Google, a plethora of resources about green fishing floats....

First the Exec Summary: ebay is selling them for $99 (2 days left on bid), while other sites sell them for $8.

Everything you need to know, plus links from Wikipedia:
These glass floats are no longer being used by fisherman, but many of them are still afloat in the world’s oceans, primarily the Pacific. They have become a popular collectors’ item for beachcombers and decorators. Replicas are also being manufactured.


Kristen said...

I'd keep the glass float! I've got a couple I've had for decades, found floating off the coast of NZ. Great memories.

Unknown said...

Auction off the float to benefit the charity!! I Bid $100!

David D.

Unknown said...

So far as I know, those green glass fishing floats that size are especially rare . . . the more common ones are about the size of grapefruits, and those are rare. I wouldn't be able to say how valuable though.