Monday, May 07, 2007

Gearing Up

Keirron is in the air today flying into Vancouver. I'm driving up to Orcas Island Wednesday, where we'll meet with Body, Boat, Blade's Shawna, Leon, and Bryan. That will be the first time Keirron and I meet, first time we see some of our kit (including the kayak), and we'll make those last-minute outfitting adjustments.

There's the typical massive pile of crap - drybags, freeze-dried turkey tet, piles of fleece, partially-stuffed tent - on my futon this morning. I'm excited, my dog Maya isn't (how does she know when she's not invited?).

We're still assessing which end of the island we begin from - this is a weather-dependent decision. As someone pointed out, we don't have flexibility in our schedule - so we'll have a little in our starting location. This will allow us to optimize timing for conditions along the more exposed parts of the trip (though video footage of us "paddling off" might be a little contrived).

Four days out:

Should I forget later, thanks all for your help and support!

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