Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Finishing This Evening

Laurence just forwarded this text message he received from Jeff this afternoon.

"Arrived at Victoria at 2:30 pm. CH TV interview. Heading on to Orcas
Island with the remaining flood."

So it looks like they should be arriving back at Orcas Island early this evening. I would guess that they will come in at North Beach, which is where they launched. If anyone on Orcas reads this please let Toby Brown and Mike Dupas know so they can arrange the pick up. I have to rush off to teach right now so can't coordinate things until tonight (when it may be too late for a reception). Please take plenty of photos! Jeff Moag from Canoe & Kayak magazine needs some for an article he is doing on their trip. Thanks!

-- Jon

ps. I was beginning to think they had started a second lap in the hope of better weather and a faster time ;)

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Mike & Pam said...

Got a phone message from Jeff at 6:50 pm. They were just heading out into Haro Strait. He said the currents weren't favorable and they didn't expect to get to Orcas until after midnight. They were planning to go to the Orcas ferry dock and unload gear but I left a message suggesting that might not work so well as I don't think the ferry dock is very kayak friendly. But I guess if they can paddle 700 nm they can handle that. I told them to call for help if needed (even at midnight). Mike DuPas