Thursday, May 17, 2007

From Port Hardy - Week in Review

Thanks for the updates and sorting out our notes Jon - you're making us look good!

So ... with weather like that in those pictures, why aren't the boys rounding the Brooks Pen right now? Fair question. Most of you distance paddlers and adventure racers know how it goes.

  • Sleep - we both started this thing a little sleep deprived (and Keirron had the time change). Got into a pattern of paddling late to try to catch up, leading to a few late nights (and subsequent late mornings). We've reset the clocks for early morning starts down the west coast, as the dark is easier to launch in than land.
  • Exposure - time in the boat is wearing on us surprisingly early. While we're both in great shape, I've trained mostly on fresh water and the salt is having it's way with me. Keirron appears salt-water proof and powers all day, but 8+ hours in the boat and even his legs get sore.
  • Sun - doesn't help. While we're not dehydrated, we've burned a little every day. Plus it tends to set us both into photographing frenzies - lowering our avg speed. Sun will not be a problem much longer according to the forecasts...
  • Gear - "nothing new on race day." Both of us received sponsored gear which is extremely appreciated. However, neither of us had a ton of time with it before heading out. We've made adaptations over the last week, and are more comfortable with it now.

Everything's performing well and we look forward to seeing Cape Scott tomorrow, and beginning the southeast run.

Many thanks to Shawna and Leon of Body, Boat, Blade who took time from work and hosted us magnificently at the trip start. Couldn't have launched without you! (Really wish we could make it back before you both head for the Charlotts, but doesn't look likely.)

Many thanks also to Pat Kervin of Odessey Kayaking who hosted us with a last night. What a feast! His facility here in Port Hardy is equipped nicely to handle our salty, wet gear and selves.

Off to check and load the Triton, then get to Shushartie Bay tonight.


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DGC said...


Most exciting adventure! In the mean time, Jeff B and I are getting the other issues resolved in a very positive manner. Looking forward to your return and June!